Successful SPAR Training!

Direct Action Vertical just completed a 6 day SPAR (Small Party Assisted Rescue) cave rescue course for cavers from around the region. Class was small due to wildfires pulling several students with fire duties away, but this gave those that attended extra time on rope! Students included expedition cavers and project cavers from around the country.

This is the unique curriculum developed by our instructors with several modules of pick-offs, converting static systems to dynamic ones, using vertical kit for horizontal movement, shelter in place and survival candle making, blind folded SRT (single rope technique) courses, water problems in our unique wet cave prop, patient movement drills in our pipe (cave) complex, as well as medical, expedition planning, and decision making. Caves in the US Forest made for great in-cave experiences.

More advanced SPAR and MSPAR courses (level 2) will be coming up in 2024, so stay tuned. These will allow graduates of SPAR or MSPAR to get into the next level of minimal gear small party / team extrications. Vertical caving courses for beginner and advanced cavers will be forthcoming as well based on regional NSS grotto demand.

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