Our Training Philosophy

The company motto “Train like it’s Real, or You’re Dead when it is” is based on the Reality Based Training (RBT) philosophy used to train high consequence law enforcement / military operations. But that concept applies equally to high consequence rescue operations. DAV seeks the most realistic venues, and trains operators to be acclimatized to the actual conditions they will have to perform their real duties in. This requires exceptional preparation, planning, and attention to safety.

Our Rigging Philosophy

Does it work?
Is it safe?
Know why you do what you do.
Know why you rig how you rig.

We believe that every rope technician – no matter the venue or industry – should be “fluent on rope.” They need to travel on rope as deftly as most people walk. It means moving in ALL directions… not just up and down, but also traversing left and right, sometimes with the weight of another person. The term “rappelling school” suggests a focus on downward travel and assumed top access, which quite often not the case.

Most technical rope rescue and rigging schools teach conventional rescue methods using litters and two-tension rope systems. These are the go-to methods for commercial rope access, fire departments and bigger rescue teams.

On rope, they can conduct interventions with patients or suspects as competently as a paramedic or police officer handles their “customer” on flat ground.


Why We’re Different

Though we value, understand, and can teach those programs, too, we focus on vertical mobility in extreme, unique, or hostile environments.  We teach improvisational techniques and light-weight rescue solutions that get the job done quicker with fewer resources – when manpower is limited and you’re out of time.

Any rope access team (big or small) can benefit from learning these skills. Incorporate them into your team’s existing protocols, or use them when a more robust response won’t work. Our goal is to provide more options, expand your critical thinking, and make you better at what you already do.